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I’m Jessica Kaut founder of The Imperfect Alchemist.  

I’ve had anxiety and depression almost my entire life.  Now at my mid-thirties I’ve missed out on a lot of things because I was “too tired” or “didn’t feel like it”.  I felt guilty for missing friends birthdays or family gatherings.  When I decided I could DO better, BE better, I started looking for ways to GET better.  Don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with anxiety and depression at times but it doesn’t take me down nearly as hard as it used to.

I hate the thought of other people out there missing out on life then beating themselves up about it.  I’m here to help, babe.  I’ll be your cheerleader but give you some tough love when you need it.  I know it’s hard being kind to yourself.  I’ve been there.  Read on below on how I’m going to get you out of this hole and back into the light.

What Am I Going To Do For You?

Look here.  I’m NOT going to heal you.  I AM going to teach you how to heal yourself.  I AM going to hold space for you while you undergo this life-changing experience.  I AM going to facilitate breakthroughs.  I AM going to teach you how to be self-reliant so you don’t need me or anyone else.

 Yes, I’m going to guide and hold your virtual hand, but you gotta do the work babycakes.

“But I’m LAZY!  But I’m STUBBORN!  But I’ve ALWAYS been like this! I was RAISED like this!”

I know.  I get it.  And, at times, I still am stubborn and lazy and I occasionally let people get under my skin.

Childhood wounds? Check.  Old family drama? Check. Self-worth trauma?  Check. Issues surrounding abundance? Check check check-ity check!

You’ve got to wanna change, babe.  Whether it’s a quiet voice in the back of your mind or a giant knot in your stomach, you GOT TO WANT IT.

If you want to stay exactly where you are and “how” you are there is nothing myself, self help books or Oprah can do to change it.

This is a great way for us to get to know each other and see if I am a good fit for you!

This is a complete coaching call including homework and a follow up call. I will guide you to change your mindset so you can change your life!

Heal Old Wounds & Patterns

Break Through Blocks

Overcome Obstacles